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Our artisan collective offers handcrafted creations that are stunningly different.

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Symmetry: “Beauty of form arising from balanced proportions.” This is the basis of all our original artistic creations. Our one of a kind lifestyle oriented designs are created with harmony and balance, translating to unrivalled beauty for your home or office.

Our Mosaic Collections feature handcrafted, custom-made glass mosaic day beds, polished mosaic baths, urns and artwork. This premium range is available by commission only, enabling you to choose a colour and design that matches your individual style and interiors.

Our sculpture and spirit pole range features the work of well-known Indigenous Artists, Sarrita and Tarisse King. These beautiful pieces are based on original paintings, carrying with them the stories that express the culture of the King sisters’ country.

If you prefer an outdoor showcase, our large-scale, custom-designed mosaic art installations command a stunning presence.

We invite you to take a leisurely look through our offerings, and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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  • All Products

    Carefully curated artisanal pieces to elevate your home, office or outdoor area.

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  • Mosaic Day Beds

    Alfresco elegance, in beautiful Italian glass mosaics. Custom-made, to your individual preferences.

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  • Baths

    European elegance, custom-made to your design and colour, and featuring our luxuriously smooth (& patent pending) glass tesserae finishing technique.

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  • Spirit Poles

    This striking outdoor range is based on Indigenous Artworks, carved into metal. Pairs or groups create a stunning presence.

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Highly skilled artisans

As a collaborative group, our artisans are experts in their field. Our passion lies in creating unique pieces that make a statement.

Unique designs

The ranges we offer are inspired by beauty, elegance and symmetry. We bring the essence of your style alive, through unexpected and delightful designer installations.

Technical excellence

We are committed to technical excellence in all we create. The fine details are what make something unique, and you are assured of high quality in all we offer.

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Get in touch for more information on our artisan collections, or to commission your own mosaic art original lifestyle piece.

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