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Symmetry: “Beauty of form arising from balanced proportions.”

This is the basis of all our original artistic creations. Our one of a kind lifestyle oriented designs are created with harmony and balance, translating to unrivalled beauty for your home, business or outdoor space.

Create, innovate, collaborate.

Creating unique imagery that’s innovative and delightfully different is our passion. The desire to innovate inspired us to work with other talented creatives, translating imagery into different artistic media. This collaboration birthed our range of carefully curated artisanal pieces that reflect refinement and originality.

From our studio in Noosa, Australia, our collective of artisans and artists connects many parts of the world. One of our core values is to foster a greater sense of global unity. Another is to support and highlight the value of art and creativity in society. Bringing art into lifestyle pieces harmonises these values.

A fusion of creativity & technical excellence

After three decades of creating bespoke mosaic installations for our clients, we have balanced a blend of creative inspiration, supported by technical excellence. With a background of extensive training in Italy, our principal artisan (and mosaics specialist) Don Macdonald, combines artistic expertise with his vast knowledge of structural installation. Whether it’s a small artwork or a large art installation, our commitment to excellence assures outstanding quality.

Our bespoke artisanal range

Our Mosaic Collections feature handcrafted, custom-made glass mosaic day beds, polished mosaic baths, urns and bespoke artwork. This premium range is available by commission only, enabling you to choose a design that matches your individual style and space.

Our sculpture and spirit pole range features the work of well-known Indigenous Artists, Sarrita and Tarisse King. Based on original paintings, these stunning pieces carry with them the stories that express how the King sisters relate to the culture of their country.

In collaboration with them, we also created a range of exclusive mosaic art. Each piece features a cameo of an original painting, translating those ancient stories into a different medium. These were commissioned for display in different art galleries across Australia.

Both the media of metal and mosaics translate the artists’ stories into a medium that reflects the longevity of the Australian Indigenous culture.

Mosaic Art Installations

Glass mosaics provide incredible creative scope. The elegant use of glass mosaic art featured throughout Europe shows us their versatility. They look incredible, and are easily maintained over long periods of time.

The joy of working with the creativity of mosaics, motivated us to expand into large scale installations in the public arena, giving us more innovation opportunities. Our most significant project was in the main CBD of Cairns (Australia). This was an exciting project where we translated canvas art from three Indigenous artists into 3D mosaic art, covering several low walls within the main mall area. Read more about this on our Public Art page.

Our mosaic art installations can also be commissioned for corporate and domestic settings. Here, we work  closely with you to bring your artistic vision into reality. Over the years, some of our most enjoyable mosaic creations have been for our clients’ homes. Each installation allows their originality and personal taste to shine.

Creating an outstanding product, that makes a compelling statement, is our everyday motivation. In every area of our work, commitment to excellence is a priority for our team.

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